Inceptus Design

Inceptus is a premier design and manufacturing resource for the Northwest. Inceptus offers turnkey product design with Solidworks, and is experienced in injection molding, CNC machined parts, sheetmetal, and more.

Customers find us as they look for short term engineering help, turnkey product design, and engineering process assistance.  Some of our customers have a surge in work that they need assistance with, while avoiding the commitment of adding a head to their staff.  Others are too small to need a full-time design resource, and use us for valuable design and manufacturing services.

All of our clients retain us for our customer-first mindset, competence, and friendly teamwork.  We are the customers' advocate in every sense of the word - when we work for you, we are working with your best interests in mind.  What's good for our customers invariably turns out to be good for us.

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